We are mad!!! Ever since we moved into Lakshmi Nest, we have been cooking like nobody business for the past 2 weeks. We are facilitated by one simple gas cooker, a precious iron wok bought from Devaraja market, a wonderful convenience store called Niligris nearby and cheap street fruit/vegetable stores all around our area.


Our first cuisine is spaghetti with tomato source, just to give ourselves a different taste from the daily Indian food. Brour… We smell like Indian now and hopefully witht the change of diet the smell goes away… Follow up by dinner was our daily breakfast menu – sometimes oatmilk with mixed fruits, toast, fried eggs or scramber eggs.


Two days ago, we tried to make masala papadam, which was introduced to us by our dear friend Harsha. It tastes great!


Lakshmi Nest is not only the nest for the two of us, we have regular visitors – Isan (from Taiwan) and Rebekah (from Australia) to our place for the past couple of days. They both contributed their raw food as well as their delicious cooking. Isan’s egg fried rice and Rebecca’s spaghetti… yum yum!