We are sick. The first time on our trip it got us both down.

Jing got tonsillitis and had to take antibiotic to get rid of the white crust covering her 2 table tennis big tonsils. Within a day she changed from happy healthy to badly sick. Luckily we were staying in a nice hotel were she found the peace to recover fast.

For me I stuck with flu a few times last month and my nose killed me for the last 3 weeks. The sinus infection didn’t seem to go away. Finally it did but in it’s own sweet time.

These events brought up a thought ‘How can it be that our 2 friends from Singapore Suzie and Shirley can be fully stressed by work, horrible exhausted by flight and bus tour are still be without a crack in there health?’. The answer came instantly ‘They are made out of real tough and hard material something that didn’t exist anymore when we were born.’ We are a junk food plastic generation brought up by instant baby powder instead by good old mother breasts. We must be weaker no question.

So our only hope is to take supplements to fill up the health gaps left by our past and to exercise like mad to get our plastic butt in shape.