After picking up our friends Shirley and Suzie from the airport we joint a taxi back to the hotel. ‘How was the flight, are you both OK?’ was our first question to them. The second question was ‘Do we smell?’.

This doesn’t sounds appropriate were both of us shower 2 times daily but trust me it was. During my last hot shower I wanted to soap my body and yes also my armpits. As soon as my nose faced the hidden place a spicy Curry-Marsala smell entered. How can that be?

We started to transform to Indian not by surface but by food, smell and some behaviour. Knowing that Singapore is free of this kind of smell-attack we wanted to make sure that our friends felt comfortable squeezed in between us. Shirley and Suzie looked surprised and didn’t understand what we were talking about.

After 8 day’s in wonderful India in a whisper Shirley told Jing ‘Curry-smell I now understand what you meant on that day in the taxi.’ Yes, if you stay long enough it will get you too.