Everyday, new part of my body muscles are being stretched, my body is practically crying out in agony EVERY SINGLE DAY!

However, the yoga class is GREAT! I can feel my body is strengthen and toned and its flexibility is increasing in tremendous speed without putting in a great deal of effort (though minimum effort is attending class regularly – everyday).


After one week of attending once-a-day class in the evening with Mdm Lakshmi, we decided to attend the morning class with Sir Mahadev as well. As we like both of them and their different approach in teaching yoga.

Morning class starts at 6am. We have our alarm rings at 5.30am so that we have sometime to wash up. Early morning air is cool (great for sleeping in) but refresh. Though my body’s flexibility is better in the evening class, I feel an early start of the day healthier.

But, after 3 days of morning and evening classes, my body start to experient exhaustion and I feel extremely tired during the day…


Picture shows Mdm Lakshmi holding my bridge-bent asana, auch…auch… auch!