Today, we went for our first yoga class in Mysore, at The Divine Life Society in Lakshmi Puram. I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Excited that I finally doing some serious yoga in hope to fix my body’s ache and pains. Anxiety…? Yes, I saw them doing their asana on bare marble floor. They only use rug for certain asana such as head standing or sleeping asana. I started to imagine my skinny body rubbing against the hard cum cold stone floor…


Our classmates are mainly female, except one little (cum skinny) boy with a big head.


Most of these ladies look chubby but their asana reflects on their extreme flexibility. They can bend in all directions and in split seconds, they are kissing the floor. See picture below!


“Normally you do some stretching exercises for two days, if your body not ‘paining’, you will start your asana on Monday.” One lady told us. Pain? This word has never occured in my head.

As promised, Nagashree came to help her mom Mdm Lakshmi to act as translator as well as guiding us throughsome stretching exercises, while Mdm Lakshmi did her usual class with the locals at the same time keeping an eye on us.

The first class went on smooth and relax. Both Mdm Lakshmi and Nagashree treated us like soft tofu – too worry to get us hurt. Our classmates were extremely curious and excited about us. One lady were next to us, “How old are you? And she (me)?” She asked Alex. Alex told her our age! In one second our age was known in every corner and vibrated in the hall. They were stunned with how young we look. “Want to keep young? Easy! Just don’t get married!” I said jokingly. They were laughing!


So, we first day ended in great harmony with the locals…