After 6.5 months on the road, we finally moved into a short-term accommodation at a quite neighbourhood 2km away from Mysore city – Lakshmi Puram. So we called it, “Our Lakshmi Nest!” Both of we were overjoyed with our decision and excited about a one-month stability.


Our new accommodation is located on the 2nd floor (rooftop) of our landlord, a reasonable-sized room, attached bathroom with solar generated hot shower. The main room comes with a washing basin and a stone bench to facilitate cooking.



What I like the most is actually the big balcony where we can hangout as well as dry our laundry. Blue sky, coconut trees and well facilitated, we wish to stay longer…


Our landlady Mdm Jhoti is artistically inclined, appears very friendly and helpful. She sometime hand drawn pictures on wall and our room is nicely decorated by her handicraft.

Our rent per month is Rs3700 (per person) plus Rs50 (for one additional person) and a gas cooker costs us Rs150 per gas tank. We enquired for laundry service, Mdm Jhoti came back with the price of Rs300 per month, after consulted her cleaner – laundry as well as cleaning of room, minimum three times a week. Actually we don’t need a cleaner but Alex’s idea is to help the locals earning extra bucks. Why not!

The night, we are happily cook the heart out of the little gas cooker…