Liling took a midnight coach couple of days ago to Bangalore, then flied to Singapore and then transited to Australia, left the two of us lying on bed sick… The returned local bus ride between Mysore and Hampi wasn’t a joke. We had the most local experience and even learn the Indian way of fighting with them in order to get lying down across couple of seats. The trick served me well especially on the ‘back to Mysore trip’ while I was having high fever.

We took a ‘semi-deluxe’ bus to Hampi and an ‘express’ bus (recommented by the bus conductor) back to Mysore. The so-called ‘semi deluxe’ bus was nothing like the semi-deluxe we understood in our country, and the ‘express’ bus took longer than any other bus trip. These trips were really cracked into our bones and I developed severe tonsil infection and lying flat on bed for 2 days. Alex’s flu got worst. The pollution on the journey got into us hard and strong…

When I saw white and red flowered out of my throat and it horrified everyone. Nurse Alex ran to a nearby drug store and picked up some antibiotics and fever tablets, the store keeper was amazingly aware of what drugs to give. The first dosage of antibiotic, I threw out until nothing left in my stomach, luckily it stopped just before my intestines came out. Then, Alex suddenly turned herself into a doctor, together with Liling both were busy analysing what went wrong. Alex fixed on the point that antibiotic and milk don’t match. I took a glass of cereal milk before the pill. And then, everything went well.

My sickness kicked in hard and fast but it healed in super highspeed too. The same tonsil suffering I had 2 years ago in Singapore took 4 days to develop and more than a week to recover. Here the whole process was within 4 days. 4 days later my throat was back to normal as if nothing happen. India is a special land even the sickness on me.