We didn’t know what we were doing when we entered the bus to Hampi.

Our landlord declared it will be only a 3 to 4 hours ride to Hampi. At the bus stop it was told to be a 7 hours trip and finally based on our experience it became a 10 hours bus journey. Between Mysore and Hampi are only simple bus services established. Actually ‘Semi-deluxe bus’ sounded great and we thought we really do not need water or TV provided by ‘Deluxe buses’.

So, happily sitting on our chair our fist encounter was that we couldn’t move our seats into a sleeping position. For supposing 7 hours bearable we thought. During the night people constantly hopped in and out of the bus, others standing in the middle row in hope of catching a seat. The road is like a roller coaster, sandy and full of holes which shakes you rough into sleep. The only real stop we had was at no-were-land tea shop. No toilets, no nothing……I needed a pie urgently and Jing had to protect me because I was barely covered by a bush.

On our way back we thought we know what to expect. So well prepared we headed towards bus stop. At the counter the ticket seller told us that the ‘Express bus’ is the same like ‘Semi-deluxe’ and faster. It surprised us to even save some money, well 50 INR all together. But they should know what they are doing. Wrong!!!! You should know what you are doing.

The Horror began with a molester at the bus stand which started to be impolite to a single Caucasian traveller lady. So I helped her to shift her staff closer to us 3. I tried a deadly stare to this stupid guy. After 2 minutes he came and wanted to shake may hand, kind of ‘I am sorry attitude’. I just smiled, avoided his hand and said ‘Thank you’. But he didn’t stop. Shit, he started grabbing my arm to get my hand. That brought me up the tree. Knowing that Liling and Jing behind me I started walking in his direction and forcing him to give way. My backpack in front protected me well and pushed him further back. I started raising my voice and scolding him like mad. Jing covered my back and run to the next police officer to complain. Both saved me. The guy got a big scold from the officials and had to move and we got our peace back.

Our bus arrived and the second cold shower came over us 3. It was a normal bus with benches and no separate seats and a backrest in 90 degree angle. Broken windows let all the dust in and the bus was crowded up to the roof. We got a seat but throughout the night all 5 minutes hundreds of people dropped in and out. No sleep was possible! The air full of dust that it was hard to breath. No wonder it was the night Jing got Tonsillitis.

We made at the end. I really advice never take express buses for long distance. Alex