Liling Lee, my old time friend! The only old friend cum travel mate whom is still regularly in touch with me over the past 11 years. She was the one who constantly keep me company while I was at my worst depression…


Liling and I both are sponsors of two Tibetan monks.


For Liling coming to India to meet us as well as our sponsored monks, she brought us an idea of the possibility to go South India which it wasn’t initially in our plan. Our South India trip was delighted by the touch of the Tibetan culture. We had a great one-day tour into Sera monestary, guided by our sponsored monks and the evening ended with a pleasant meal prepared by them.

We missed meeting Dalai Lama though by missing an entrance pass but we heard his voice came out of a loud speaker from Giumei Monestary while we were waiting outside… that was as much blessing from His Holy 14th Dalai Lama…


The 10 days while she was here, we travelled between Hampi and Mysore. Her way of travelling and interacting with locals is what I admire. Before she left, she printed out photographs for those locals she promised to send and put us in shame of all those promises we made and yet not be able to put it in action…