A lady quietly walked pass me while I was taking this photo.


“Welcome to Sri Lanka. May the pilgrim of Sri Lanka wish you a peaceful journey.” While my eyes were fixed onto the viewfinder, this word was simple and clear, flew into my ears like spring stream. We were stunned! Such a nice greeting from a complete stranger was never happened to us… Sure we are constantly approached by greedy riskshaw drivers and strangers who certainly want something out of us. Normally as soon as we sight someone moving close to us or some words sip in, all our nurves tighten. A typical sensation tells me, “Let’s see what he wants. Get ready to fight!”.

Words from this lady was a complete opposite – Our nurves were loosen up, and big smile on our faces… especially we received it in one of the oldest ancient site in the country… I quickly took another photos of the back of her (see below)… a tiny little figure in the picture, that’s her!


Here, we would like to spread this greeting to all who see this article. Especially the traveller who happen to be at Oasis Tourist Welfare Centre, where we spent two nights and left a few clues.