Sri Lanka is a beautiful and for me us a traveller harmonic country with friendly people.This peace gets shaken once you need to use the public transport. It seems there are kind but also deeply mad people engaged. Either they believe in immortality or they hope for a better reincarnation. I cannot count how many times I scolded the bus drivers and wished he would stop playing ‘chicken out’ with opposite coming vehicles. It seems like a food chain for vehicles, bigger once take over smaller one and smaller one have always to give way for bigger car.


For safety we changed to trains but there we didn’t had luck either.


To sit in 2nd class compartment at 2pm with artificial light because it is dim inside is one thing. To keep yourself on your seat while the train is going mad like a young bull is another story. Trains here move as they were on drugs. After coughing out my liver and my lungs we decided that reincarnation is not as bad and changed back to  Sri Lanka’s suicide buses.


After a while I gave up braking for the driver. I just kept my eyes closed and prayed. It must work because we reached saved our destination.