While we were walking along Beira Lake in search for our bank in Colombo, a guy glided in between us. “Hi, where you come from?” Nowadays anyone who appears like this and ask this kind of question, I simply give them a BLANK face. Neither friendly nor rude, the face tells them, “Please get out of my way.” I am not pissed but just sick of dealing with them. In contrary, Alex is still curious to see how these people approach us. Certainly, they are quite a state of art. Some of them acquired high skills, while others were lame. The urgly guy at the airport by far the worst!

A conversation was soon established between Alex and this guy, “Germany”. The guy spoke a few German words, then asked Alex where I came from. “Malaysia”. The guy turned to me and spoke a few Malay, forced me to break the ice shield on my face. “I am a teacher, I just came from school…” He said. Instantly two pairs of eyes zoomed INTO him. Mine was at his mouth, where a few black teeth were still hanging. Alex’s to his dirty shirt. There are shirts that old but clean, his was simply dirty gray like it’d never been washed. What a conduct of a teacher, we both thought. “My school is for the blind and deaf…” Ah! Here you go, an old trick of a great grand mom.

Before he went on, we arrived our bank and said good bye to him, then we walked separate way. We took our sweet time in the bank and withdrawed some cash at the ATM. On our way back, the same guy appeared again. “Hi, again. I am going back to school now.” He said. It was so obvious a lie even the deaf would sense. He properly also sensed that we wouldn’t friendly any more, quickly he took out a book and asked Alex to put her name down. It was a donation book, some names and figures had been written on it. “Sorry! I don’t give donation.” Alex told him… We were warn on the Lonely Planet guidebook as this is one of the scammers’ trick. He then disappeared as quickly as he came…