After 3 days in Mamallapuram, we were heading back to Chennai on Monday late morning. Though we thought we have learned enough lessons and were smarter in handling those cunning rickshaw drivers, we were being cheated again and I felt defeated badly.

On our way out, we were searching for express buses instead of the local buses, as they take 1.5 hours instead of 3 hours. Out of 3 people we asked for direction, we got 2 different answers. The first two information providers, one was a rickshaw driver waited in front of our guesthouse, who wanted to charge us Rs.30 and bring us to the 3-way junction where we could catch the express bus, we ignored. Second was a lady in a travel agency, she told us express buses start from the bus terminal, within a considerable short walking distant.

We walked to the bus terminal with our heavy lugages. There, we approached the 3rd person, a rickshaw driver whom we initially thought he was a bus conductor. “Express buses only at the 3-way junction. Every 5 to 10 minutes, lots of buses there.” he said.

At the end we were brought on his rickshaw to the 3-way road junction which was less than 1.5km away and charged Rs30 and less than 2 minutes ride, way over price!

5 and 10 minutes later, 2 express buses came out from the terminal that we were there before, and we missed them both as we were standing on the other side of the road… Now we were standing under the steaming hot sun, stamping and cursing!

The worst may not always seems as bad as it looks. At the junction, we ended up being picked up by a handsome-looking young enterpreneour, sitting in his 3.5 month old air-conditioned 4-wheels drive… Free of charge of course!