I always thought that in India most of the time you get treated nearly equally to locals. Public bus rides and food there will nobody ask you for more. Ok sometimes for auto or taxi you might pay up to 150% if your bargaining is not strong enough.


Generally I don’t mind to pay a bit more but everything has its limit. When in Mamallapuram the entrance fees for foreigners was 2500% of the local fees I started screaming. The more payed money get used to keep the monuments clean and in shape. Clean from what you may ask. Well clean from the human indian shit and garbage spreading around the UNESCO World Heritage. I am asked to pay 2500% entrance fee to clean up the local shit. NO THANK YOU!It is not surprising that 90% of the visitors are locals and only 10% are foreigners strolling along the granite temples. Most backpackers prefer to have a glimpse from behonde the fence before heading to the beach.


Our spanish friend Sergio has a very good description. ‘There are only 2 religion in India: Hinduism and Tourism. They are willing to do everything to get the best out of both whatever it takes.