“Japanese? Korean?”

“You came from Japan or Korea?”

You thought these people were asking if I am a Japanese or Korean? No, they asked Alex instead. “Do I look like Japanese and Korean?” Alex asked me with a full face of question marks. I notice that these people saw Alex and I walking side by side. They normally caught a glimpse of Alex, then saw me, and then turned back to Alex and fired their questions…

To my best knowledge on differentiating people and their origin by one glance, I thought Alex is by far nothing close to Asian look, though she does behave like one. But definitely no body would be able to ‘see’ this part of her instantly. I believe strongly that my powerful aura spreading on to her. So people will see 2 beautiful Asian women walking side by side, both with black hair and dark eyes. Its not a trick its a Jing.

To test how powerful my aura is, next time I should bring in Mr. Sean Lacey, see if he gets acknowledged as a beautiful Korean lady… Ha Ha Ha