It was 8pm on Friday night. What would I do if I would be at home? I mean my previous home in Singapore, Sommerville Park.

At 8pm, Alex would just get off from work, I would just finish an evening swim at the pool in my complex, Ed would do the same too. In addition, while I prepare dinner he would sit on the couch flipping through TV channels or digging through our piles of DVD collection in search for a good movie for the night’s entertainment, or vice versa. Then, dinner would be ready when Alex returned. The three of us would sit around the sofa table, on the huge carpet, instead of on the sofa. We would eat and chat and listening to the sound of music, in an harmonic atmosphere, colored by the cosy warm lights…

Today, Friday at 8pm. Alex and I were sitting on an extremely crowded public bus on our way to Mamallapuram. We were packed with people who don’t look like us… and we know non of them. From time to time, we attracted curious stares from the crowd, and sometimes I caught myself staring at them too.

The bus was jammed in the heavy Friday traffic, bit by bit it inched forward. We kept our senses wide open, as we were told stories of pickpockers and how professional they were. Exhausted, no dinner, though smell of fish and gabbage was unbarable, good enough to turn my stomach upside down.

It was a rare spontaneous decision for us to pack up and leave Chennai 3 hours ago. We knew the consequences – stuck right in the mid of rush hours traffic, arrival in the dark etc… But somehow I like it!