“If you visit only one temple in Orissa, it should be Konarak”, says our guide book.


Nice as we are we went and had a look. After being abandoned around 300 years ago and forgotten under a huge mount of sand it was rediscovered in 1924. The founding of the temple indicates to the 13th century and it was and is dedicated to the sun god Surya. A legend told that to represent to power of the king 2 huge magnets where built into the tower that the throne of the king was suspended in mid-air.



The magnets are long gone and invasions, plundering and corrosion by the elements have damaged the temples delicate stone carvings. The preservation is a long term project but main parts are showing the beautiful and unique sandstone reliefs. The sensation for the Indian tourist are the erotic sculptures.Yawn….The building platform is covered with couples and threesome in Kama Sutra positions.

Well not new to us.