On our journey we hunted after a ‘philosophers stone’. It was a long way with lots of loose ends but life has its ways and tricks to bring us always back on track until we found what we were looking for.

We had been searching for this stone since Myanmar which is now nearly for 4 month. Our dearest friend Martine was the one who introduced to us to the so called ‘aluminum stone’. She was using it for years and explained to us the wonders of of this universal stone.
1) Fighting the ‘armpit-cat-smell’ that will 100% appear on our longtime trip.
2) Killing of itchiness of mosquito bites with a light antiseptic character.

After she discovered the stone in the North of Myanmar Jing and I were searching up and down the country without success. Our hope of finding our treasure lasted through Thailand and Laos but died in there too. We felt so close but yet we couldn’t find it.

In Laos a young man told us a story.

‘My head monk always drunk river water. Not any kind of river. He used to say only the water of big rivers like the Mekong are good to drink. I had to bring him every day the water from the river. After I past the bucket to him he would use a stone to cleanse the liquid and then drink it. It was just a stone but as soon as he put the stone in, the water would turn clear. He was drinking this all his life.’ What a nice story we thought. But as many stories along the road it will end up soon in one of moth drawers in our brains categorised with the label ‘dunno what it means’.

We forgot about our search and only with the help of our friend Rene a German traveller we got back on our way in Puri India. When we dropped at his guesthouse we had a small peep into his room and oh wonder he was using the stone. Obviously a left over from his girlfriend but we were so happy to see our beloved stone so near after month. How much we would like to get a piece of it. But it came better. All barbers in India using it after shaving a male costumer to calm down his irritation. How could we know. So far there was for us no need for a shave. Thanks to Rene we got informed.


We started to search up and down shops, putting down offers for 50 Rs ‘I buy for you, no problem’. We wanted to find by our self. Never on the trip we had been so near. On the second day of our search we bumped into one of our local friends a shop owner in town. We approached him for help and he told us to search at the local market near the Jagannath temple. ‘Do you know you can use the stone for water purification? Just use a glass dusty water and hold the stone into the liquid you will see all the dirt will drop to the bottom of the glass’. Finally all pieces fall into place. Martine’s story and the monk story got connected and made perfectly sense.

3) Cleansing of waterFinally with a bit more help of a barber near the local market we got set into the right direction. Following our guard feeling we found the right place and bought 2 stones for 7 Rs. Here 100g cost only  5 Rs. After so many days and tricky path we got our treasure. Happy!