Here comes an handsome man with a big smile on his face who seems eager to chat. We invited him to join us on our table for breakfast. He is Swidish Gustaf the world traveller. The chit chat started and endless conversation. He definitely has the quality of an experiented traveller – open, friendly, sensitive to the differences. After 2 days to constant converse we feel him like our big brother. Above all, he also tried very hard to convince us to join him for a swim in the sea. As much as he tried, we gently declined as we are dried chicks at the same time the sea doesn’t look inviting. We agree to take pictures of him swimming instead.While he is fighting and swimming against the strong wave, I am happily videoing him by the soft sandy beach. After a while enjoying his battle with the sea, he turns and walks towards me. Wow! He looks like some hot chicks in ‘bay watch’.


The shot of him walking against steaming current looks fabulous.“Jing! Run! Run!” Alex’s voice came from behind. “He is taking you to the sea.” I dropped the shooting in shock and run for my life towards Alex. He comes in lightning speed and grabs me and I grab Alex. We begin a tug of war and I become the rope between Gustaf and Alex. “Camera! Camera!” I yell for mercy. Alex finally losen her grips as I was lifted from the ground. I started counting 3 areas that shouldn’t get wet: my big shoes, my money belt and my camera case. Thank God Gustaf put me down without dipping me in the water. Despite my shirt is wet from his watery hands. For some reason, once my shirt tasted the sea water I felt liberated from restraining myself swimming in the sea. I am eager to jump into the steaming wave at once…gustaf.jpg