I was not prepared for that.

I just passed a donation of 50 Rs to the priest and his eyes fill with tears. Actually I just wanted him to stop asking for money and to stop his blessings.

We did a nice rickshaw trip around Bhupaneswar. When the sun was setting we reached the beautiful scenery of the central lake covered in golden light.



I started to click clack ( taking pictures) and tried to capture the moment. A man looking like a beggar approached me and wanted to have a glimpse on my pictures. He was so cute and friendly and tried so hard to communicate to me. Finally I understood that he was a Brahmin of a small private temple, for generation in his family. We got invited to visit his ancestors temple under his guidance.



The buildings are very simple and reflect the limited resources of the family. Eventually we finished the visit and wanted to say goodbye. Immediately the old man started to bless us, our parents and our ancestors before asking for donation. ‘Aaaaahhhhh…what?’ I thought we got invited by him. A very friendly engineer nearby heard this dilemma and came to help us. ‘You don’t need to pay. Please you are guest!’ He started to scold the priest but with little effect. The word donation came out of the Brahmin’s mouth like breath, rhythmic and never ending between words of blessing.


I just wanted to escape and surrendered with 50 Rs. His tears surprised me and filled me with guilt, ‘Jesus Christ’ its just 2 S$. I asked him polite for his address with a promise to see if I can find other people to donate. Finally tears and blessing stoped.

Thank god!