“It’s time to go, lets get out of this country…” Alex’s patient has gone, and I find my mood swang quite often these days. We have been constantly under threat by the noise and mad traffic and the people here. Life hasn’t been smooth since we came back to Kolkata.

Yesterday morning, Alex was arguing with the taxi driver in the middle of a main road junction, where all sort of vehicles zooming passed. Just before that, she was telling me some articles she read on the newspaper, regarding accidents that a bus crushed dead a mother and her child, and a conductor fell off from his bus and runover by another vehicle. Both cases the victims had suffered severe injuries and their bodies deformed before they died. And now, she was arguing with the taxi driver, both of them run across the road in search for traffic police like they were in no-man land…


Again yesterday morning, I was arguing with the Sony salesman who only know “Digital camera 7.2 megapixels is the best deal”.
“I tell you why it is good, because it has 7.2 megapixels. The other one only 6 megapixels.” No matter what questions I asked him, he only repeated these few lines hundred times as if I was either deaf or brainless. Until my patient was finally worn out. Come on boy, get real!!!

Yesterday afternoon, Alex was being ‘hook’ up with a begger… Yes, this lady is a begger although she doesn’t look like one. She has the size of Alex and I combined, certainly an iron claw so that Alex couldn’t move away at once. She spoke good English. “Hi Sister!” She even called Alex ‘sister’. “I wouldn’t touch money, just buy milk for my baby.” She said. When being rejected, she asked Alex, “You don’t like to help poor people, you don’t like poor people?”

In fact, the real poor people we met on the road, they never beg!