In Siliguri my strings of patience broke the first time and twice in one day.

In Siliguri we enjoyed our peace and freedom. A wonderful and clean room including a cheap room service made it difficult for us to let leave. After stretching our money over the one week we stayed in town we finally needed to exchange our Traveler checks to pay our depth.On our last morning 6 hours before leaving town Jing made her way to banks to exchange money. I joked and told her not to exceed 1 hour absents or I will call the police. 2 hours later she was back tired and speechless. She had been running around town but was unable to get money. Either A) the bank does not to take TC (State Bank of India) or B) the person who is responsible was on leave but would be back tomorrow at lunch time (United Bank of India) or C) it is not possible to get clearance for the checks number – server down (private money changer).


After a small brake we decided to go together for a second hunt around town and this time equipped with Master Card too. Just in case of course.  First we made our way to the nearest ATM. Well, 2 minutes later we knew that somehow our cards are invalid. Mmmhhhh …. now I got angry and frustrated. Luckily my little knight Jing got more and more cool and stopped me from attacking and screaming at innocent pedestrians. It was hot and humid and I just wanted to leave this town! After 1 1/2 hours we found a private bank called ICICI. My first thought was Air Con. On the second look we read American Express TC, wow a sign from God. Finally we could exchange the money.


If you see the town you will start wondering how could we spend 3 1/2 hours searching in Siliguri for a bank. Well, don’t forget the Indian factor please.