We are very particular with our clothes. Laundry service is good affordable and so we are quiet pampered with the service.

After 5 month now something changed. Even though we are keep cleaning our stuff it doesn’t get clean anymore. We are wearing dirty looking clothes. I know that in Laos and Myanmar the people only used hands and river water to wash our clothes. But we thought with Thailand in between we can scrub out the dirt. Well it seams it didn’t went this way.


Our clothes will never be clean again. Soon there will be no different between the gypsy looking travellers and us. Well Jorg had a vision before we left. “One day I will open my door and there will be 2 dirty lumps bagging for bread. Then I will know it must be you guy’s.” He did not say that he will let us in or at least if he will give us the requested bread. But I hope for the best.