“Father is the head of the house, mother is the heart of the house.” This plate is sitting on a cabinet in the living room of the Pradan family. I find the slogan cool although I believe everyone in a house should play a part as the head and the heart, and it makes the soul of the house… However, in this family I sense these define roles retain the harmony of the house.


Mr. Pradan (Sir) was known to me as a dedicated educator since end of 2003 during my first visit in Mangan, and together with the family, I celebrated my new year of 2004. After retirement, instead of enjoying his free time, Mr. Pradan set up a nursery school which aimed to provide basic education for the children of his community. “I can’t live without the children.” He said. The physical space of Play and learn nursery school is located beneath his house. Currently it contains 6 classrooms and an office, to house students from nursery to grade 5. It is indeed a charming little place, casting an unique local school flavour.

The school wouldn’t be successful without Mrs. Pradan (Madam). In this case, Sir and Madam further extent their roles as the head and the heart of the house into the school.

During our stay in Mangan, we lived on the rooftop tarrace, and had ate them. Madam was worried if we like her food. No worry, we enjoyed your home cook food very much!