It was 6pm in the evening. Alex had been spending total of 8 hours putting together her little students origami artwork and made 4 hanging mobiles. It was supposed to be part of the workshop tomorrow but unfortunately the workshop had been cancelled. Madam told us that some teachers need these extra time to finish their outstanding lessons as their final exam was just around the corner.

To avoid the complication of extending our Sikkim visa, we knew that we were leaving soon. “I would like to see it finished before we move on, at least!” She said with great determination.

Personally I like the concept of this project. In most Asian culture, origami folding has always been rooted in life. In India, street hawkers fold boxes out of newspaper to contain their finger food. Chinese folds different offering objects for worshiping their God and Goddess. In Alex’s class, most students have already known at least a few origami. Folding good origami required presentation and neat, it differs from her previous projects as free spirit counts. Alex made a twist by using junk material (instead of art materials) and brought it further by putting them together as hanging mobiles.