It has been more than a month since I posted my last postcard to my dad from Laos. I had promised to send him at least a postcard from every new places that I have been. So far, I haven’t been keeping my promise well…

There has been a lot to deal with travelling in India, which includes my second time falling ill. While in Mangan, I finally completed a short letter and it was ready to be posted.

Alex and I walked up to the hill to the Mangan Post Office yesterday afternoon around 2.20pm, the post office looked firmly shut from a distant. Came closer, we saw a small side gate and it led to the side entrance which was still open, but no officer was at the desk. Some locals told us that they had been waited for more than an hour. The officer may still at lunch, could come back at 3pm or later, who knows. We waited for a while, then decided to try coming back the next morning.


This morning at 10.30am when we arrived at its door steps, it was open and a few officers were there including their children. It costs Rs15 postage stamp fee for Malaysia. When I asked how long does it take to send the letter across, all I got was a smile plus their typical heads shake, “…Malaysia, Malaysia.. emmm…” She slowly walked back to her desk behind the counter.