Long before we departed for our trip, Alex donated her old laptop to Play and Learn Nursery School, for the purpose of enhancing students knowledge in computing.

When we arrived to Sikkim, we found the laptop was lying someway and collecting fungus. Complains fell as it didn’t work properly. Alex and I did little troubleshoot and detected its screen was broken… So, we attached the laptop to an old monitor, no problem! It functioned well.

The laptop is 3-4 years old, but its capacity is more than sufficient for even intermediate computer class. After working on it for nearly a week, I found it works better than lots of computers in the Internet cafe in India.

We did a small presentation to show students our photographs we took while we were there, and I went on an hour demonstration for the older kids, navigated them through some basic features on computing. Everyone of their little faces broke out with amusement. They were excited, as if watching magician playing magical tricks.

It is the only computer set up for the school at the moment. A standing laptop attached to an old monitor. For the time being, once we left, I wonder if anyone would use it?