One week has past and I still can’t believe that I am actually teaching little kids at Play and Learn Nursary School. Alex and I have worked out a one-week program for the school. I took students from grade 3-5, and poor Alex took grade 1-2, she has to handle over 30 students in her class. I would say, as a first-time teacher she has done well with the kids.

We were given an extra 2-hours slot in the morning everyday before students go for their normal classes. Our initial job was to practice speaking English with the students. We were told that they are good in reading and writing, but poor in speaking. But to keep little kids for 2-hours in the classroom without further resources seems a nightmare to me. So, we planted a small program into the classes.


The idea for our one-week program mainly strike from our experience in the past 4 months while travelling in Southeast Asia as well as in India. These countries share one common environment: Severe environmental pollution! Mistreat of garbage, air/water contamination and high level of noise. Thus, the theme for the students was ‘Our environment’.

Teaching here gave me great challenge due to lack of fund and resources. The only resources we had, which doesn’t cost anything, was to make use of garbage as our working materials. Therefore, on the our first arrival we set up a collection station and encouraged students to collect materials such as plastic bottle, paper, tin, fabric material etc. When we came back after 2 weeks, we were pleasantly surprise to see sufficient garbage in the boxes which covered a wide range of materials. A good start!


At last, we put together a simple Powerpoint presentation to summerize our program. Click the little picture below to retrieve the Powerpoint file…