These creatures on the mountains called, ‘yak’ but sometimes somehow I thought they have distinct cows’ feature. How come these yuks have cow’s heads?

On Dzongri trek we often crossed paths with other trekkers’ yaks or horses. When that happened, we had to jump aside to let them passed. Sometimes they were only inches away from us when the routes got too narrow.

A few times I was staring at them liked watching movies while these creatures passed. Slowly and heavily with huge load on their back. Their cow heads that expressed exhaustion were very outstanding.

“They are not actually yak.” Mr. Karan told us, during our ‘after-trek discussion’. He seemed to read the question mark in my head. Everyone called them ‘yuk’ on the mountain, what do you mean? “They are the hybrid between yak and cow.” Oh, I see! “It would be interesting to see how they breed them.” Alex added.

“You can never imagine we would stay so close with the animal.” Alex had said. On our way up, we were so frightened by these huge creatures and tried to stay well away. We weren’t always lucky though. On our way down, we were already well experienced and walk beside them as if they were another human being…