This morning, we got up at 4.30am, trying to catch the beautiful sunrise at Djongri-la view point. “If the weather is good, you will see 7 mountain peaks in panoramic views.” Wow! It gives us a good kick start of the day!

At 5am, we started trekking up from our hut to Djongri-la view point. It should take 1 hour more or least, but no one warned us about the trekking path’s condition. We thought it should not be hard to get up there.

It was dark and the path was indeed quite steep, narrow and in some areas were even icy and slipery. At the same time, we were pressurised with the idea of reaching before sunrise. We walked quickly in thin air, which made us breath harder and get tired easier… and the view point seemed unreachable…


Finally we reached Djongri-la view point shortly before sunrise. The cold breeze acted as sharp knives right through our skin… we were freezing to death. Fortunately the VIP group we went up with, consisted of 3 trekkers and 2 guides who had a fair bit of ginger tea to share with us and it kept us warm. They were so sweet! The warm penetrated through our bare bodies into our hearts…
The sun was rising! The surrounding mounrtain peaks slowly appear in front of us. It was superb!!!!!!!! the weather was good and we saw all the mountians smiling to us and sent their wonderful greetings, “Good morning!”






Our guides were singing and dancing to cheer the wonderful morning. At the same time, moving keeps them warm…


On our way down, we finally able to see the path we were walking in the dark.