After a day rest and acclimatization, we proceed to Djongri, where our last stop on the mountain before we head down. We heard lots of stories about Djongri, concern about the freezing temperature and lack of facilities. Two days ago other trekkers (two English in their 60s) who stayed at Djongri commented that it was snowing and the ice was 3 inches high. The trekking path was muddy and slipery.


We decided to start our journey earlier before everyone, to avoid possible rain in the afternoon and to make sure we secure a place to sleep for the night. At 7.30am we have breakfast, and departs at 8am.


The trekking path to Djongri is shorter and we find it easier than from Yoksom to Tsokha. We went up hill nearly all the way until the last 1 hour, the path becomes more gentle. Occationally we walk through mud and cristallized water (ice). Though we are tired too walking through thin air but we are also fully absorbed by the stunning scenery in the morning sun ray.


When we arrived around 11am, our guide serves us two cups of tea to warm us up but soon we were freezing. The two of us curled up against the wall of the hut, wrap ourselves with whatever we have, staring at the snow flaggles silently. We are shivering of cold. The day seems long and we wonder if we would survive from the cold and exhaustion. Until our guide brought us each a cup of hot soup noodle, we come alive again.


In the afternoon the sun finally comes back up. We sit under the sun, chit chating with other trekkers, sharing our joy and sorrow. The day goes by quickly… Sunset early around 5pm…


Night falls, our only cooker is spoilt, we are curious to see how our guide could play his magic trick to cook us a meal. He has a brother whom is a guide too, and taking a group of two locals up to Djongri. This is how we ‘officially’ meet Celine Lasrado and Pratik M. Sinha.

Celine and Pratik are happily sharing their VIP meal package with us, the poor budget package. With them, we have a glimpse of their VIP dinner and breakfast, as well as the service boy with his warm smile, who nearly 24/7 standby, anytime he is really to serve. His generosity extented to us too, not only to his bill payers. We had the most luxurious dinner and breakfast on the mountain…