When the first ray of sunlight hit Tsokha’s mountains this morning, I am well awake. I am tightly wrapped in my thin freece sleeper and the noisy survivor blanket in order to keep myself warm. The air is still freezing cold, around 5 degrees perhaps. The night sleep was just ok, Alex and I are practically wrapped together and we are just warm enough to barely survive.


Today, we are acclimatizing at Tsokha, will only be accenting again tomorrow to Djongri. So, we are glad to have at least a day to release our bodies’ ache and pain from yesterday long walk. A good chance to walk around this little village too.


Tsokha looks extremely scenic! It pays off the suffering we had and answers our previous question, “Does it worth?” Tsokha is a small charming village built along the valley of Himalayas, surrounded by mountain peaks with beautiful snow caps. The lower part of this village mainly occupied by Nepalis and Tibetan owns most places on the upper part.

We take a slow start of the day. After a very brief wash up in the freezing water, we head over to a small restaurant for breakfast. This is the first time we saw Mama Chang’s restaurant in bright daylight. It definately looks more attractive than last night, when we saw nearly nothing despite the mud where our torch shined.


Mama Chang’s kitchen is multi-functional…


In the late afternoon, rain falls for a short while. When it stops, a big rainbow casts along the valley. This is the first time in my life I see a rainbow below me…