I met Gong Li in the mountains. In reality she has a double identity and is running a restaurant for frostbitten trekkers.


She was our lifesaver. On our first arrival in Tshoka we were cold, tired, hungry and thirsty. Your really start missing the comfort in the plain where there is at least a restaurant. Who would thing that in a village like that you can find an oasis with fire, home cooked food and wonderful company. I guess we were lucky. During our stay we made friends with most guides and porters and with Mama Chang.


Her shop is the ‘in’ place on Dzongri trek to drink with locals and guides, get the last information about weather conditions and talk about life. The best for us was always her kitchen with the open fire.


Mama Chang is maybe in her 30th and the first born child in her family as well as in Tshoka. She is a one-women show. From March to November she will be alone in her parents house to take care of family belongings, to work on the families farm, feeding the cowls and chicken, to sell at her little shop and to cook for hungry tourists like us.