Yuksom (West Sikkim) is kind of well-known for people who are intending to take the Djongri trail up on the mountains for 4-8 days. It takes 5-6 hours in a shared jeep taxi riding on a whinny road from Gangtok, capital of Sikkim.

After stuck in Gangtok for nearly a week, we immediately freed ourselves on the early Saturday morning to Yuksom, acclimatizing ourselves for the 5-days trek starting on Monday.


Yuksom is a rather sleepy little village, filled with guesthouses and restaurants for trekkers. It is 1780m above sea level, the temperature during sunny day was around 10 degree during our stay. At night, it dropped around 5 degrees, and their bedding facilities are generally simple.

After arrival, we spent maximum 3 hours walking in the rain around the village, and then we got real bored. It was cold, gloomy and wet. Our first guesthouse ‘Djongri-la’ has a nice shared bathroom and a big hot water boiler, but half the time it didn’t work. So, the next day I decided to move in another guesthouse which has an attached bathroom. Of course we paid double the price as compare to the first guesthouse.


One other problem we faced was we didn’t bring lots of cash to Yuksom. While in Gangtok we excess our spending on gearing up ourselves for the trek. In Yuksom, running short of cash was our constant threat…