While hanging around in Kolkata waiting to board a train to NJP, we took a local bus to see the great banyan tree, which has been classified as one of the greatest attractions and landmark of Indian botanic garden.

Before we saw it, I had all sort of images of the tree. But its appearance still went beyond my imagination…


“The tree, Ficus Benghalensis-L (family: Moraceae) is more than 250 years old and spreaded over an area of about 1.5 hectares with abt 2880 proproots. A wonder in plant kingdom, the tree occupies its position in the ‘Guinness book of world records’.”


Another feature I like in the botenic garden is the colourful figure dusk bins which has writen, “Use me!” Although I find them quite out of place as this huge botenic garden looks more like a jungle than a garden.