We had the idea of leaving SE Asia by passing by all countries we have been before. The only connection between Burma, Laos and Thailand is Mekong river along the border. So we made our way to the last village Xieng Kok to take a boat ride down the Mekong.

The village is really remote and guesthouse facilities and food choices are limited. Our plan seems to be not as easy because to hire the boat meant to pay for 2 rides, down the river with us and up the river without us. We calculated our money and were not willing to pay the requested 100 USD for the 2.5 hours river ride to Hueixai.

Close to make our way back to Vientiane our new friends the Chinese family told us about an upcoming weekend market in Xieng Kok and that many sellers were coming from down river. We should try our luck to move with them. OK then we stayed on. On the day of the market during lunch we bumped into a Caucasian couple that just had made their way up to Xieng Kok and payed much less. So we contacted this boat captain and got a great deal for 25USD/pax. After huge discussions and blockade of his fellow boatman we were able to make our way down river the next morning to the border town and back to Thailand.

Along the river we carried and supplied goods to villages and had company by some locals. The river was tricky and stones partially blocked our ride. A huge Chinese steam engine boats were making our trip to wild water rafting. It was what we had wished for a goodbye to SE Asia.