Nong Khiaw is a little village north east of Luang Prabang. It takes 3.5 hours on a road journey by swangthaew. It was a pleasant surprise and not until now that I truely believe that northern part of Laos is certainly more scenic than the south.


We visited Tham Pha Thok, a limestone cave where villagers lived during the Second Indochina War. A group of local kids guided us in the cave, and later they asked for $…


We didn’t pay them much, as we didn’t want them to think they can earn a living out of guiding foreigners to the cave. Instead, Alex volunteered her service by helping a kid carrying his flat-tyre bicycle for 40 mins, walking from the cave to the village… She instantly became a ‘Falang (foreigner)’ heroine in the village.


That was one of the highlight of our trip!


After spending a night on a really low budget guesthouse, we decided the resort next door worth to pay off our one night nightmare. Nong Kiaw Riverside Resort is the most expensive accommodation we ever spent in Laos… built by a German and Japanese and it has a fine design quality. See, Alex is so relax sitting on our big balgony…