Somehow in Laos is a lot different then anywhere else in south-east Asia. Take sign language as an example. I mean its an easy ways to explain to someone what you want. Mostly they dont understand.

Hungry want to eat – Just do as you scope soup in your mouth from an imaginary plate. Easy

I am vegetarian – Just sign at your bold head and then fold your hands for praying. Don’t forget pathetic face expressions. Then cut horizontally along your thought, we all no the symbol for killing and shake dramatically your head for no no no. For more dramatic just make a protective gesture with your hands and step backwards or faint. Done

That’s all easy. But still some of the universal symbols doesn’t seam to be understood here. So you end up to draw or show pictures to make yourself clear. By the way I have to thank my dearest friends in Berlin Renate and Ilse for there fairwell present. Your picture book safed our life in Laos.


The only people that seems to be universal to sign language and games are children, small children. I made lots of new friend on sawngthaew’s (pick up) and in bus’s. Both of us most bored by 2, 4 or 6 hours rides. From a first shy eye contact we go to exchanging of sweets and then finally playing games. Hide and seek is the most popular one. At the end of the day I am tired, hardly closed an eye during the ride. Children are everywhere the same there demands to be entertained is high.



On public bus rides you will have also intimate contact to adults. If your lucky the centre corridor in the bus is empty or has only some luggage. So your head space is clear and nice airy. Motorbikes or people on neatly arranged plastic chairs can be your neighbour too on unlucky day’s. And then it happens that the man next to you is using your shoulder as pillow for a nap.


Well his hair was freshly washed and I had the good seat with cushions.