On our way up north we stopped by at Tha Kheak. We heard about beautiful caves near town. We were very interested on a cave containing 200 Buddha images. The discovery was recently only in April 2004.

So we checked out our possibilities and decided to go with Laos Eco tourism board. We thought it is good to support local environmental orientated groups. Besides educating locals and teach them more about there nature and environment it offers for the young one a chance to learn English and it might be a help for their future. So we didn’t mind to pay 17 USD person for one day food, drinks and Tuktuk are included.


It was a nice refreshing trip but to be honest a bit to expansive. The sentence we heard when we reached the water filled caves was “It would be nice to have a boot here so we could visit the cave inside.” Water was covering the cave floor and made the entering impossible during the raining season. Well to be frank it is not the first raining season in Laos. You don’t get a raining season price even though half the caves were not able to visit. For the money we actually expected more.



We still had a lot of fun with out tour guide and his assistant in training. We got home cooked food and really good company.



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