Poor snake it was all my fault. She could be still alive…
Champasak on our haunt for an accommondation we visited this real cute guesthouse. It had tiny bamboo huts arranged in a garden like surrounding with beautiful flowers and green grass. The rooms actually weren’t so nice but clean and cheap so we thoughed why not stay here for one night. Then it happened so fast.


I walked back towards the entrance gate when I saw a greenish glittery body gliding along the huts wall. “A snake, a snake…” My scream came automatically. Jing got closer to look and saw the last piece of animal gliding into a stack of dryed wood to hide. We alarmed our ‘future’ landlord. He came relaxed and slowly to see whatever is going on. After he saw the reason for our nervous behavior he took a timber stick and started hitting the snake. The attacked animal tried to defense and here she was my first wild Cobra, so beautiful. The green head wide spread with thin black lines. Only 1.5 meters away from me.


She couldn’t win this fight. With a few strokes the man paralized the Cobra professionally. His neighbours bought the half alife animal for dinner. This is her tragic end and it’s all my fault.