Pre-departure knowledge

– Myanmar visa is valid for 28 days per entry. Validity date starts upon enter the country, not upon application approval.

– Apply visa in Bangkok cost around THB950-1000 for 3 days processing period.

– Airport tax is US$10, only accept US$. Make sure you safe this money before you exit the country.

– Best time to travel: Sept-Feb, But it will be crowded.

– An International call is usually cost you US$4-6 per minute.


– To date, only cash especially US$ is useful in Myanmar. Locals prefer new note with no writing or folding lines on it.

– US$ is the main currency used for traveller, but some of them use EU$ or pound as well.

– No ATM in Myanmar.

– Local currency called, ‘Kyat’, pronounced, ‘chiat’

– Exchange rate from US$ to Kyat: US$1 = 1200-1300 Kyats. Bigger note gets better rates ( e.g. US$100 = 1300; US$50 = 1280; US$20 = 1250; etc.)

– Exchange rate is usually better in the bigger cities. i.e. Yangon has better rate than Mandalay.

Guesthouses (budget accommodation)

– Most guesthouses and hotels accept US$ only for your accommodation.

– The aircon room in Yangon guesthouses or hotels usually has only 2 switches… either on or off. On, your room is as cold as winter; Off, as hot as sleeping in an oven.

– In Myanmar, all accommodation includes breakfast, only Queen Inn in Inle Lake offers dinner in their rental.

– Budget accommandation ranges from US$6 – US$18.

Sight seeing

– When little ventors come to you and ask you to buy stuff, simply say, “why bi bi!” They will leave you in peace. It means, “I have bought it already.”