Go, go and go!

Sleeping bags (replaced by survivor blanket – donated by Martine and Fabienne, thank you, thank you!)

My big 2-in-1 fleece and rain jacket (replaced by poncho, bought in a Thai small town, close to Laos border)

2 large shower towels and 2 medium sizes towels (replaced by 2 cotton sorongs, can be used as blanket, shower towels and wear it, tip from Martine, Merci!)

Small trolley luggage (replaced by a 45 lit Deuter backpack, bought around Khao San Road, THB600, approx. US$16)

My daypack laptop bag (replaced by a waist pouch for THB200, approx. US$5.30)

4 pairs of Thai fisherman pants reduced to 2, again Martine and Fabienne, thanks for absorbing them.

Some T shirts, socks and Alex’s rain pants (donated to the nice cleaning ladies at Happy House, Banglampoo) P.S. Sold trolley luggage, sleeping bag n laptop bag for THB250 (US$6.60), at second hand stand, Banglampoo

Bought 1 traveller’s mosquito net at a second hand stand in Khao San Road for THB300 (US$8.10)

Sold Myanmar Lonely Planet for THB280 (US$7.60) Posted some books, sketchbooks, used video tapes and paintings bought in Myanmar…

At the end, we used to have 2 trolley luggages and 2 daypacks. Now, we reduced to 1 trolley luggage (half filled), 1 backpack and 1 daypack.

More to go…