After 2 days in Myanmar we encountered our first missing travel item – the helpful flip flop. So far we always used our sandals and trekking shoes without any complications. But now the situation had changed drastically in Yangon with the visit of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The walking in and out of pagodas and temples around the country became a bow-marathon. Taking off shoes and wearing back was a test for our spines and muscles! Throughout the trip we searched for perfect flippies without being successful. Finally on our last night in Yangon Jing had an inspiration for an ‘art project’.

– Transformation –

Jing in action

Our full rubber Adidas kampong who joined us in Malaysia two months ago had fulfilled their task with last hiking trip at Inle lake. Now it is time for a change. Jing challenged the shoes that night in our hotel to become new generation flip flops. After cutting and filing in the bathroom the shoes shined in new design. Mission accomplished!