To date, although Queen Inn isn’t listed on the Lonely Planet guidebook. This bungalow guesthouse has been around for 10 years, is one of the oldest accommodation for tourists in Nyaung Swee. We were introduced to Queen Inn by two French travellers, and it turned out to be the best accommodation we ever had in Myanmar.

This guesthouse has 5 bungalows and a backpacker lodge, located by the canal to Inle Lake. Each bungalow cost US$12 per night, with all basic requirement we needed – double or twin beds, a balcony, attached bathroom with hot and cold shower.


“Rental includes breakfast and dinner.” When the owner Ma Su (with her calm smiling face) first told us what we get out of the US$12, the word ‘dinner’ was kind of catches our attention. Hey, this is the first guesthouse in Myanmar offers dinner.

The owners (Ko Myo and Ma Su) are the most friendly and helpful guesthouse owner we had seen so far. Upon arrival we were served a glass of genuine Mango juice, and whenever go for sight seeing, they always make sure we are safe and happy with our trip. Their advice is always genuine, and we LOVE their home cook food. While other guesthouses put on toast and egg for breakfast, Queen Inn serves banana pancake or Shan noodle instead. And, eat all you need!


A trustworthy guesthouse owner is hard to encounter, she is certainly one of the rare ones. We were heart breaking when we leave this place…