We came across an antique shop which displays an extremely wide range of Burmese antique items. I was impressed with its scale and variety. Here, you can almost see all the listed restricted items which has been prohibited from being exported out of the country.

The owner has sound knowledge of the stuff he is selling and I enjoyed walking through his treasure with him. The prices aren’t cheap though. I was lucky to be able to restrain myself from buying these items due to I didn’t have much extra cash at that time.

During negotiation, he is interested in trading in our IT gadgets such as MP3 or digital camera. At the later stage, he even accepts credit card as he has a processing system that linked to other country…

Export restriction

‘The following items cannot legally be taken out of the country: prehistoric implements and artifacts, fossils, old coins, bronze or brass weights (including opium weights); bronze or clay pipes; kammawa or parabaik; inscribed stones; inscribed gold or silver; historical documents; religious images; sculptures or carvings in bronze, stones, stucco or wood; frescoes (even fragments); pottery; and national regalia and paraphernalia.’

Text taken from the Lonely Planet – Myanmar guide book.