After a long night travelling by bus (8-9 hours) plus boat ride (2-3 hours), we were following our buddies Sean/Albert’s footsteps to Koh Samui, a well-known island of white sandy beaches and a diving paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. However, I was very disappointed to see commercialism has eaten up the natural beauty of this island. Food, transportation and accommodation here is a lot more expansive, as compared to Bangkok.

“You didn’t run away from temple I hope!” This sweet voice came from a young Thai lady who was pointing at our bald heads. She was serving us dinner in her family own restaurant ‘Oasis’, at Bophut beach. A slightly quiet area as compare to Chaweng, the most busy place on the whole island.

This restaurant has been around for 15 years, and it is still maintained its original Thai village style and serves original Thai cuisine in the middle of the trendy looking restaurants. In the backyard of Oasis restaurant, 5 newly built bungalows with attached bathroom, hot shower with TV and a big balcony, provides simple but cosy living environment for backpackers like us. Prices for this bungalow is relatively cheap compared to the neighboring throat cutting guesthouses. Although it isn’t facing the beach, it certainly gives a nice home stay feel.

In our limited conversation with the lady owner (an aunt of the young Thai lady), I had an impression that this restaurant is owned by her father, and now it is run herself, a sister and a nephew…


rare scene in Koh Samui



disappointed Alex walking on the beach…