Albert says, ‘Sometime a person’s friends tells you more about the person than the person himself.’ On the dinner table last night, four of us, from four different countries across three continents – Alex, Albert, Sean and myself, we were chit chating and one of the topic popped up was about friends and relationships. Generally, we make friends through our neighborhood, our school environment, our work environment and in the modern days, we also know people via various Internet tools. Through these connections, we reach out to a wider circle. For example, Sean is my ex-colleague from the Canadian International School in Singapore, Albert knows Sean through a ‘pen-pal’ website on the Internet, and I met Alex through Sean’s friend Ivan.

I know Sean since 2000 when we both joined CIS. Together we ran photo club, scuba club and a field trip to Greece for CIS students. We became buddies through a slow process over years.

To know a person better, takes more than putting their names with their faces. Time is always an unseen factor contributing to a deep friendship. I guess it is similar to developing a love relationship. Sean says, ‘It takes time to fall in love, so you don’t fall out of love in no time.”

I guess true friendships and/or relationship sustain from crisis… So, don’t give up too soon!

It has been great to see Seanny and Albie again. We had great time dining on the mid sky of Bangkok city and by the white sandy beaches of Koh Samui. Didn’t we? Here, I would like to thank you guys for “feeding” your two little bunnies… We are certainly looking forward to our next reunion…