Being a teacher at the Canadian Internatianal School (Singapore) had taught me a great deal both in term of my profession as well as extending my social circle. However, knowing Sean Lacey is the most favorable memory of my 6.5 years investment in this school.

Met Seanny 6 years back on Sentosa Island during the school orientation day. We were playing in same team on a beach volleyball match and we started chatting casually along with yelling and laughing. I was complaining the volleyball is too hard and it bruses my poor arms. The next day at school besides hi and bye he asked, “How’s your delicate hands?” He remembered my complains. He wasn’t as cold as he looks. So, our friendships started to sprout.

For the years we were in CIS, we organised Photo Club, Scuba Club, Field Trips and so on as we share quite a great deal of interests.


One day, Sean brought Albert into our life circle. Albert, an Americanised Singaporean who has a great heart and strong sense of community. He soon becomes our dear friend and family…