This morning we had a quick breakfast, packed up and started walking shortly after sunrise. Nooh expressed concern if we would made it to Mega Fall. On our itinerary sheet, it supposed to take us 5 hours. But, yesterday schedule was written 3 hours ended up 7.5 hours. Today it might take us 10 hours getting to Mega Fall… This thought made me chill. ‘Don’t think too much, just walk!’ I told myself.

Trekking by Jing and Kok Hui

Walking through the woods felt cooling. Stepping onto the slippery soft ground which filled with falling tropical leaves lighten our load. Crossing rivers, occasionally took a stop and refreshing ourselves with the red water. In fact, ‘Long Pasia’ in Lundayeh langauge stands for ‘The Red River’ in English. Therefore, the river water here appears in dark red. Sometimes, Nooh led us through paths which were overgrown by tree branches and leaves. This answered my initial question why he brought along a big Barang knife. He practically cutting down branches which stood on our way, or instantly building temporary bridges while crossing rivers. He curved several walking trail for us.

However, after 2 hours hiked, my leg started to hurt. Obviously the old ache from trekking on Himalayas (2002) hasn´t been completely healed. It was still a long day ahead, I forced myself to keep up with the speed with my peers. Luckily Nooh made frequent stops to make sure we were alright…

Pitcher plants

The highlight of today’s trail was the giant pitcher plant. I’d never seen such a huge species and all gathered around one area. We spent sometime taking photographs as well as video. We missed another highlight – wild orchid. The blooming seasons start only in August, one month later…


When the day was ending, sun was setting, we were dragging our bodies moving onto hard rocks formation when we were closer to Mega Fall. By this time my leg was severely in pain, every step caused severe pain from my right knee and I started to limb. Nooh sent the porter rushing to our camp tonight to prepare food, and he walked closely with us and maintained ‘walk and stop’ on every 45 min-1 hour. When we finally arrived to the campside by the river, the surrounding was so dark that we can hardly see anything besides the sound of water rushing through the river. We were rewarded by our favorite ‘Soup tomato’, some stir fried veggie and rice of course…