The journey from Kota Kinabalu to Long Pasia (a hiden village of
Lundayeh tribe), took total of 9 hours car ride, including a lunch
break at Sipitang (a small town at the South Western coast of Sabah).
Our journey started at 10am on a sunny Thursday morning.

The trip up to Sipitang was fine. However, our real pain started after
lunch. Part of the road after Sipitang was under massive construction
of a highway, cutting across the jungle between Sipitang and Tenom.
Trees were cut, replaced by yellow mud. We went through all ups and
downs, bumps and humps on this dusty road. Thank God we were on a
4-wheel drive and an experient driver. Otherwise, we would either
stuck in the mud or throw our stomach out like nobody business. The
road continued to a logging road, which seems still madly in use. It
was horrifying to see poor old orks lying flat on loads of logging
trucks, helplessly being transported and waiting to be transformed…

We stopped over at an organic farm to topped up some vegetable supplies…
The arrival of Long Pasia village was like reaching an oasis in the
desert. Immediately after entered her gate, in the misty glimpse of
dusk ray, the heaven of green grassland lies beneath us. It was
shortly after 7pm.

Long Pasia village’s air was fresh, calm and peaceful. She was quietly
welcoming us.